Innovation Coach

In today’s rapid business environments that is technology driven, cloud based and data centric business environments, it is very unfortunate that many business coaches, analysis and advisors don’t have the true experience to understand the how’s of innovation.

They are very good at what they do, they can see what’s and whys innovation can lower there overhead, and increase margins. They will make suggestions, and give you direction. But they do not understand the costs, resources and technology debt that can be associated with leveraging technology to support a business process or streamline an innovation.

As we all know, proven experience and the know how is essential in proper innovation coaching for you business, and technology enterprise. In most cases, during the first discussions, and meetings I am always asked about my experience in business, innovation and how they related. To make our first discussion efficient, and focused on your issues, problems or needs. We have given you the foundation, and validation that proves we can help you in your innovation direction needs.